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Other authors consider the main reason for the development of Loratadine processes to be extreme lateral loads during the act of chewing or parafunction of the dentition and tongue (4,6) In their opinion, the tension arising in the area of ​​the tooth neck gradually provokes chronic fatigue in hard tissues, which is the reason for its subsequent destruction Destruction may be exacerbated by acid erosion or abrasion .

Claritin believes that defects caused by pressure on the tooth are more often observed in bruxism, as well as in patients without distal contact points of the tooth. The occlusal theory explains the shape of the defect. The resulting lesion is deep, with an acute angle at the base, sometimes extending into the subgingival region.

The defect can be in the form of a step or a ledge, more often it occurs in the area of ​​the neck of the tooth. Morphological changes primarily occur on the enamel because elastic dentin is less susceptible to occlusion stress.

The size of the defect depends on the degree of claritin stress, the duration of the action of excess occlusal forces, their direction, frequency and place of application. Abfraction can be accompanied by gingival recession, the epithelial attachment moves apically away from the overload area of ​​the tooth due to the resulting flexural stress.

The neck of the tooth is the narrowest part at the border between the crown and the root of the tooth. This is where the tooth enamel ends and the cement begins. The neck of a tooth on a thin section has the shape of a triangle, the apex of which faces the periodontal sulcus.

With polarizing microscopy, the enamel is light yellow, and the dentin, along with the cuticle, is black. The cuticle in the form of dark wavy lines turns into light yellow bundles of enamel prisms.

It is thinner near the neck and thickens towards the equator. Light beams of prisms are divided into segments by black lamellas. In the area of ​​the neck, lamellae are located more often.

This is due to a decrease in the bundles of enamel prisms in each segment. On the inner side, along the entire enamel-dentin border, from the reticular layer of dentin, which is represented by a dark stripe, dark enamel bushes enter the depth of the enamel, which are poorly expressed in the area of ​​the tooth neck. The contours of the dentinal tubules are visible, the end sections of which are connected to the enamel bushes. The lamellae on the base of the triangle thicken and loosen up.

Below the neck is the root of the tooth, surrounded by periodontal tissue. On microscopic examination at high magnification, the structure of the cementum of the tooth is heterogeneous. Cementoblasts of multi-process cells are located near the dentin.

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